Evil Ed Special EDition

Av Anders Jacobsson

Help us create the ultimate version of the cult movie Evil Ed. The Special EDition.

Evil Ed is the cult film from 1995. Swedens first splatter horror comedy ever.
Now it is time to refresh the old movie and re-scan the negative to High Defenition. Our goal is to produce a special edition, with better picture and sound quality and lots of extra content:

•Two never before seen scenes including scissors in a foot, a miserable and disembodied head and an angry wife with a wig!

•A full 3 hour length documentary about the making of the movie, including interviews with the cast and crew and never before seen behind the scenes material.

•A Commentary track with the producers and the director.

•A lot of deleted scenes, old promotional material (including old interviews from Swedish television, posters and trailers) and photos from the shoot.

We have wanted to make a complete and improved version of Evil Ed for many years, but it has been impossible due to lack of funding. No distribution companies are willing to take a risk by funding the project. Therefore we have decided to ask you, the fans, for help.
With your support we can finally make the ultimate EDition of Evil Ed.

If our goal is reached all excess funding will go towards the creation of the spinoff Loose Limbs: The Anatomy of Fear, which is currently in pre-production.

Rest in pieces!
Anders Jacobsson/Director

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Anders Jacobsson

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  • 2013-10-13 22:54:52

    Kanon! Mera press:) http://www.moviezine.se/artikel/14712

  • Bra där!

    2013-10-10 00:49:18

    Frankrike hjälper till! http://www.clubdesmonstres.com/actualites/evil_ed.htm

  • Lite hjälp på vägen:)

    2013-10-05 12:47:42


  • Sakta men säkert !

    2013-09-28 12:48:43

    Äntligen börjar några internationella knytpunkter vakna till liv:) http://extremehorrorcinema.com/index.php?topic=2097.new&fb_source=message#new

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You get the movie

With a code, you can download the Special Edition in HD.


Du får en signerad dvd av filmen.

Med en kod kan du ladda hem Special EDition i full HD. Du får dessutom 2 disc utgåvan av filmen på dvd signerad av regissören.


You get the Blu-Ray and autographed poster!

Med en kod kan du ladda ner filmen. Här får du dessutom en 2 disk utgåva av Evil Ed - Special EDition på Blu-ray, samt en limiterad utgåva av filmaffishen signerad av skådespelare och regissör.


You get the Blu-Ray and credited as a financier.

With a code you can download the film in HD. You also get the Special EDition on a Blu-ray and a limited poster, signed by the actors and the director. You will be credited as a financier in the end credits.

"Vad händer nu? Tråkigt att vi inte verkar nå tillräcklig nivå med bidrag..."

- Jim Skoglund

2013-12-30 12:45:30

"Fixat ett litet bidrag nu Anders, riktigt roligt:) Med vänlig hälsning, Micke "

- Michael Andersson

2013-11-18 19:46:52

"Jag vill se Evil Ed 2, nu! "

- Tord Danielsson

2013-09-29 21:37:40

"Bra jobbat där Anders, det kommer öka."

- Mikael Kinning

2013-09-28 19:15:25

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